Home/Lands addresses the question of citizenship and belonging through lenses of origins, personal narratives, geographies and physical acts of place-making.

HOME starts with the ground. It starts with the foundation on which we build our visions and identities. We build on LAND, on earth, on dirt and on the legacies of those who came before us, those whose lives enriched the soils on which we stand—that soil is what we’re calling HOME.”

Kekeli Sumah & Stephanie Lin-Sumah

How does one go about putting the moon into a box?

Perhaps with a round mirror,
or a black box with a hole,
or a camera to take its picture so.

Is it water?
If yes,
then set sail a small porcelain cup
atop a midnight lake
to catch the dripping drops of the moonlight nectar.

Or perhaps with a rocket ship
carrying one foldable box made for a Canadian Inuit.

Or simply cross both hands into a perfect square
and lift that high toward the sky.

What is the moon anyway?
Dip it in a glass of milk and take a bite.

Unless the milk is of elephant origin,
then give it to a giraffe named Kiri,
along with a red hat numbered Tree.

But if all you have is a paper box
petite in size,
and unadorned

and trust that it will fit.

let's tap plastics