A VILLAGE BEFORE US brings together nine Vietnamese artists and scholars based in Chicago, offering nuanced insight into the ever-changing world of Vietnamese art. Moving beyond the pervasive war and post-war narratives, the exhibition engenders questions about cultural production, heritage, identity, memory, and dreams. By highlighting the ‘nowness’ of Vietnamese art, the exhibition encourages reflection on both its historical aspects and potential future trajectories.

The exhibition’s title, A VILLAGE BEFORE US, encapsulates core aspects of both Vietnamese culture and the broader art world. A VILLAGE is an extended unit formed of nucleus connections, while BEFORE acknowledges the legacy of its past and stands in anticipation of its future trajectory. US, a plural pronoun, intimately speaks to the collective identity of the participating artists while subtly playing with the moniker of the group’s current home.

A VILLAGE BEFORE US opens November 10th, 2023 to December 31st, 2023 at the John David Mooney Foundation in Chicago, IL

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