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I là

Tri Ngo

He is an idiot who knows not the names nor the identities of the things sitting in his studio. Because of this deficiency, he constructs strange narratives in order to discern the applications of these mundane objects.

Are they lies?

“They are real; for what is reality? It is the infinite sum of all stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell each other, the stories we choose to believe when we go to sleep at night.” – Ngô Hứa Minh Trí, 2018

He is but a fool.

Play #20181217


We are the chair on which we sit: For the Terrain Biennial, Tri Ngo created a functional installation — a chair, he called it. This so-called chair had its legs recessed into the clouds; its upholstery weaved of stone, of metal, of lumber, of flesh. Padded it, he did, with the salt of the Pacific, the crips breezes beneath the birds’ shadows, the snow of yesteryears, the milky soil churning along the Mekong Delta. This was the chair that seated all things: you and me, our friends, our enemies, Lucy and all of the dogs, the ducks, the lizards, the bugs, the trees, the sand. A communal chair, a Mobius piece of furniture, that for a moment, traversed the Milky Way.

Oct. 1st – Nov. 17th, 2019
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1. Law: a testifying especially before a court
2. : an act or process of laying someone or something down or letting something fall : an act or process of depositing
3. Geology: the process in which sediments, soil and rocks are added to a landform or land mass
4. : an act of removing from a position of authority : an act of deposing
5. Tri Ngo: a printing process in which layers of egg tempera paint are transferred using acetic acid

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November 17th, 2013

I am the shipwright attempting to craft the un-paragoned vessel that will sail the creases of the non-orientable surface of spacetime, The Paper Nautilus. This ship will be the first Inter-spacetime Vessel (ISTV), consisting of eight contrivances. Each contrivance will be forged from droplets of memory into a modular apparatus that will oscillate across time and space. Like clockwork, once connected to a power source, the eight contrivances will consolidate and transform the immediate area into an Inter-spacetime Vessel.

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How does one go about putting the moon into a box?

Perhaps with a round mirror, or a black box with a hole, or a camera to take its picture so. Is it water? If yes, then set sail a small porcelain cup atop a midnight lake to catch the dripping drops of the moonlight nectar. Or perhaps with a rocket ship carrying one foldable box made for a Canadian Inuit. Or simply cross both hands into a perfect square and lift that high toward the sky. Dip it in a glass of milk and take a bite. But if all you have is a paper box petite in size, and unadorned. try. and trust that it will fit.

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one word:

as you enter this body, your whys will soon arise;
to which I may only reply: we are but a chimaera in a chimaeric world:


Tri Ngo is just a painter. He pushes pigments and oils around until they pacify the torrential thoughts that occupy his empty mind and unravel his sorrowful heart. He may have a master’s degree, but he still knows nothing, for his dream is to build a box to hold the moon.

Play #20181105


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